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  • Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed
    Baba Deep Singh ji Gurudwara is situated at village-12 P.S., RaisinghNagar,Distt:SriGanganagar(Raj). This gurudwara has been established on the name of the great Sikh scholar and martyr Baba Deep Singh ji. Baba Deep Singh is revered among Sikhs as one of the most honoured martyrs. He was the founder of the Shahid Misl (group). He was the first head of Damdama Taksal (Damdama School of learning). It is a religious school of the Sikhs, which was founded by last Sikh prophet Guru Gobind Singh.

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  • Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed
    Baba Deep singh was born on the 20th January 1682 A.D. in the village of Pahuwind in district of Amritsar. His father’s name was Bhai Bhagtu. He went to Anandpur on the Vaisakhi of 1700 A.D., where after obtaining baptism (into Sikhism) he started learning weaponry and riding from the Sikhs. From Bhai Mani singh he began learning reading and writing Gurmukhi and interpretation of Guru’s word. After spending two years at the Guru’s institution, he returned to his village in 1702 A.D.

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  • Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed
    A gurudwara, meaning "the doorway to the guru", is a place of worship for Sikhs, the followers of Sikhismand its also a place where weary travellers and pilgrims may rest and eat. A gurudwara is also referred to as a "Sikh temple". A gurdwara can be identified from a distance by tall flagpoles bearing the Nishan Sahib, the Sikh flag. Except above Gurudwara is a place where the pupils/disciples/followers Sikhs are baptized, hence given the unique identification of a baptized(Amritdhari) Sikh.

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  • Pledge
    Giving is an act of God. It is an opportunity to open the gates of prosperity and the doors of the heart. Please donate to the gurudwara, so that management can keep running daily activities.

  • The Website Launched
    All devotees are expected to promote the website of this sacred place.

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Upcoming Events


09 July 2017
On the occasion of purnima, Pancham Patsah Shri Guru Arjundev Ji Maharaj da Shahidi Gurpurav and Gurughar Sthapna Divas, there will be Paath and langar sewa in the gurudwara. You all are cordially invited to attend this.


Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh ji Shahid Trust
The "Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh Ji Shahid Trust" is registered under the Trust Act 1882. The trust is responsible for running the social activities, performing religious functions, maintaining the complex and day to day activities of the Gurudwara. At Present, below named persons are the members of this trust:-


Trust Members
S.No. Name Position Contact No.
01 Sh. Sharwan Singh Ji President +919414535208
02 Sh. Jagdish Singh Ji Vice President +919983517601
03 Sh. Palvinder Singh Ji Tresurer +919414479959
04 Sh. Jaspal Singh Ji Secretary +919414480894
05 Sh. Gurcharan Singh Ji Member +919414381426
06 Sh. Sukhchain Singh Ji Member +919461075487
07 Sh. Ranjeet Singh Ji Member +919413714269

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